Seize the Moment: Give Now to Transform Transit in 2023 image

Seize the Moment: Give Now to Transform Transit in 2023

The TRU community won countywide transit in 2022. Donate to TRU today so transit can win statewide in 2023.


Our big wins on transit funding ballot measures in Oakland and Macomb Counties this year demonstrated that transit advocacy works!

Now, for the first time in forty years, the Michigan State Legislature has leaders who recognize the value of transit. We've got a unique opportunity to finally transform transit in Michigan to:

  • Boost state funding for transit, after decades of decline,
  • Make transportation part of Michigan's climate solution,
  • Provide communtities more choices for transit investment, and
  • Make Michigan's streets safe for everyone!

Michigan's leadership change makes transit improvement possible, but far from guaranteed.

Your donation is critical for us to seize this rare opportunity! With your support, TRU will:

  • Develop clear compelling policy recommendations,
  • Bring together dozens of influential allies statewide, and
  • Mobilize thousands of supporters to speak out demanding change.

Big opportunities for big changes require big resources! Please make a big donation to TRU today.